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It means goodbye to someone you love.

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Really does break my heart to see how easily people give up on each other, and how quickly friendships/relationships just diminish to nothingness.
Clearly I thought a lot more of people than they did myself.
Clearly I was a “convenience” more than anything.

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Floating Sheep’s map charting hate tweets, which allows you to search on several flavors of hate, is a creative use of data and mapping to raise awareness.

Another reason to miss the West Coast =p
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this is the most accurate thing I’ve ever read in my life

I HATE that this is true but it is. and it makes me sick

it sucks man :(

FALSE. My husband doesn’t like skinny girls. Or blondes. He loves long dark haired girls with Sofia Vergara(?) curves. Don’t underestimate the power of a big round booty and thicker legs.
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Kate Middleton and Prince William fighting a wizard’s duel during their tour of Leavesden Studios. They are so adorable! [x]

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Watching All Excess hurt my heart a little


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There is nothing more insulting and hurtful than telling someone you consider a friend about how a person hurt you and then seeing them starting to choose that person and their group over you… thanks for making me feel so valued. 

I needed to see this.

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Drunk Uncle is my spirit animal.
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